Dance in a time of cholera: Roll over Tchaikovsky and tell him the Tulsa Ballet free streaming news

Tulsa Ma Cong Tchaikovsky 1Happy Birthday, Tchaikovsky: Has any industry, any business, any art form been hit in a more existential place than dance? As dancers, choreographers, teachers, and dance company directors continue to ponder the impact of the double-body blow the virus has dealt them — how to keep performing (and rehearsing, and holding classes in) an art form that often depends on (sweat-accompanied, breathing proximity) touch, to a live audience scrunched into a closed space — companies across the world are at least finding ways to stay connected to their audiences, in both the visceral and neo-technological senses. Streb — which certainly doesn’t need the publicity — is offering free online adult classes. And Tulsa Ballet has been offering its audience regular free streaming of work from the current repertory. “Recently we streamed ‘Tchaikovsky, the Man behind the Music,’ by Ma Cong,” company and school director Marcello Angelini told the DI. (Above.) “To my knowledge no American company has ever touched the subject of the life of this composer because he was gay. We did! The work was done sensibly, and is about the life of a gay man who eventually commits suicide because he can’t live his life the way he wants. Then we streamed a work by Andy Blankenbuehler, the choreographer of ‘Hamilton’.” Here’s to Tulsa, birthday-boy Tchaikovsky — who would be 180 years old today — and living your life the way you want to.