By Paul Ben-Itzak
Copyright 2019 Paul Ben-Itzak

PARIS — I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out how to deliver FOR FREE the great content we’ve been providing on the Dance Insider & Arts Voyager — for 20 years now — only to have Google stymie my efforts. Not only by blocking my mails to a list of ART HISTORY PROFESSORS TO WHOM WE WANTED TO DELIVER OUR ART REPORTING FROM PARIS FOR FREE, but even by blocking our alerts to our SUBSCRIBERS, FAMILY, FRIENDS AND OTHER SUPPORTERS that we had posted new content. Google, which woudn’t have an Internet to shit on and get rich on and SUCK THE BLOOD OUT OF if it hadn’t been for pioneers like me and my Dance Insider colleagues and a handful of others who BY PROVIDING INTERNET-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT INSTEAD OF USING THE INTERNET TO SELL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO PRINT MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS and widgets MADE THE INTERNET A WORTHWHILE DESTINATION IN THE FIRST PLACE. So FUCK YOU GOOGLE, FUCK YOU FACEBOOK, and Fuck you Amazon for reducing the Internet to a marketplace FOR BLOOD-SUCKING PARASITES LIKE YOU. FUCK YOU. (And for the handful of readers to whom we’ve managed to get the word out despite Google’s blocks, for us to be able to continue, we need your help, TODAY, in one or both of two ways: 1) Donate to the DI/AV by designating your payment through PayPal to paulbenitzak@gmail.com, or writing us at that address to learn how to donate by check, and/or 2)E-mail all your friends, family, and colleagues, to tell them about the art news and feature and illustration service we are providing FOR FREE and, MOST IMPORTANT, letting them know that if they (AND YOU) want to know whenever we’ve posted new material, THEY WILL NEED TO CLICK THE ‘FOLLOW’ BUTTON on this page because GOOGLE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT QUALITY JOURNALISM, ART, AND CULTURAL COVERAGE, GOOGLE IS INTERESTED IN ONE THING, MONEY, SO FUCK YOU GOOGLE. (And thank you dear reader: YOUR SUPPORT IN ONE OR BOTH OF THE TWO WAYS I’VE JUST MENTIONED IS THE ONLY WAY WE’LL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE THIS COVERAGE.)