If you want to receive alerts to our new articles, you’ll have to follow us because Google only hurts the small fishes

Google, which is the only one who is allowed to make money from an Internet which the pioneers like me and my Dance Insider team made a worthwhile place to go to in the first place, is preventing me from alerting interested readers to new content. It actually disabled one of my accounts. Facebook wasn’t much help as it at the same time stopped people from being able to send me messages. So if you want to know when we publish new articles and art, you’ll have to click on the follow button. Thank Google for this. (WordPress isn’t much help, as it will only place us high up on the search engines — like Google — if we pay. In other words, the Internet, which might have been such a wonderful tool for journalism and creativity, is rigged. It’s purpose — the purpose of Google, Facebook, WordPress, Microsoft, and Apple — is to addict you and get  you to buy things.)