By Peggy H. Cheng
Copyright 2002, 2017 Peggy H. Cheng

NEW YORK — Last night at the historic Judson Church, Movement Research presented three choreographers with three very different histories: Maria Hassabi (in collaboration with two other performers, Luciana Achugar and Jenny Argyriou), Tamieca McCloud, and Frances Alenikoff. Hassabi, who was born in Cyprus, graduated from CalArts in 1994 and has since danced with various “downtown” choreographers in New York City. McCloud, Pilobolus alumnae, grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers where she played rugby and double-majored in dance and literature. Alenikoff, who celebrated her 80th birthday last August, was a founding member of Dance Theater Workshop and is an ongoing creative force who has been written about by dance artist Kenneth King in his essay, “Dancing Legend, the Art of Frances Alenikoff.”

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