The DI, Year 1: Viennese dances for the people

By Tara Zahra
Copyright 2000, 2017 Tara Zahra

VIENNA — “Volksoper” translates literally into “people’s opera,” and it was a good deal of fun to discover Tuesday night at the Volksoper Wien that the Viennese Volksoper is supporting dance for the people as well. “Sintflut,” which premiered Friday here, was an evening-length modern dance production based on the story of Noah’s Ark. The piece has the potential to reach out to even the most resistant audience, and to make children beg for dance lessons. Of course, I have been told that in Europe “outreach” is not a part of the vocabulary for dance companies, for whom an audience is a given. But Vienna is a city known for its music and not its dance, so it was a pleasure to see a new work from a Viennese choreographer which brought in a respectable crowd on a Tuesday night. (The practice of selling tickets at half price to students, military, and the unemployed an hour before curtain time must help.)

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