By Susan Yung
Copyright 2000, 2017 Susan Yung

NEW YORK — Well-crafted dance is difficult to imagine, but it’s one of those things that you know when you see it. As seen Friday at Pace University in the program of his Thingsezisee’m Dance/Theater, David Grenke crafts high-quality dance with parts that fit together perfectly. There are no indecisive filler steps, no confusion about where the gaze should be, no seams, and presumably plenty of rehearsal. Grenke’s phrases are taut, hermetic gems that withstand, and in fact ripen, with enduring repetition. A gesture’s impetus is often clearly diagrammed. The diaphragm fills with a puff of air whose ensuing breath starts a chain of tiny movements that travel from the center, up the spine, through the shoulder, and out the fingertips. In “Chasing His Tail – Volume II,” a premiere, Grenke’s shirtless torso could be a kinesiology textbook, clearly demonstrating the sound logic of his movement vocabulary. The smallest impulse is magnified tenfold and the quiet nature of this piece allows a similar magnification of emotion. The result is a contemplative, intense study of restrained physical and psychological power.

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