Charleston Diary, II: All in the Family


All grown up now: Carmen and Angel Corella face off in Maria Pages’s “Solea” with Corella Ballet. Photo courtesy Corella Ballet.

By Chris Dohse
Copyright 2011, 2017 Chris Dohse

CHARLESTON, South Carolina — The first thing you notice here is that everyone in South Carolina is very moist.

I brought a sinus/chest congestion and fever with me from the North (click here for my first Charleston Diary) that has been keeping me glued to an alternately sweat-soaked and freezing mattress in my friend Neil’s “Crisp Lettuce”-colored spare bedroom when not being driven to and from chilled theaters in his car through what feels like a wall of wet socks. My newly amphibian body reacts to changes in temperature and humidity now like a barometer made of meat.

From these first febrile days and nights (nine performances in four days), the somewhat eccentric female characters have made the strongest impressions, as you might expect from any trip to the deep South, the landscape of Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote. Here are five of them.

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