Flash Flashback, 1-18: Galvan’s Apocalpyse — Dances with and against Death


Israel Galvan. Photo copyright & courtesy Luis Castilla.

By Paul Ben-Itzak
Copyright 2010, 2017 Paul Ben-Itzak

PARIS — In his 2008 “El final de este estad de cosas, redux,” which received its Paris premiere May 31 at the Theatre de la Ville – Sarah Bernhardt, where it continues through June 5, nouveau flamenco sensation Israel Galvan takes on nothing less than the Apocalypse, setting himself in a musical, set, and props kaleidescope that terminates in a stark and virtuoso stroke with the star trying to stomp his way out of an upright coffin as the life figuratively ebbs out of him. With Galvan, the line between clever gimmick and task-oriented flamenco — in which the prop actually produces a new dance dynamic — is sometimes thin.

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